Smartbox MASTER

Powerful Automation

The complete custom solution for livestock farms


Edge Computing

Local Processed Rules even without internet connection

Multiple Rules

Create multiple automation rules for different scenarios and deploy them anywhere


  • Climate and Lighting control for stabilized environment
  • Water, Feed and Energy consumption measurement Integration and Monitoring of External Equipment
  • Doors and Silos access monitoring

Scalable Technology

Ability to integrate additional equipment after initial design. No limit on integrated facilities and equipment.

Easy Integration

Integrate multiple off-the-shelf equipments that have automation capabilities

Fully Protected

  • Wallmounted waterproof PVC IP56 enclosure
  • Power-supply protection and failure detection
  • Integrated Alarms and Notifications Ethernet or GPRS interface

Other Integrations

Any Hardware with standard Interoperability Protocols

Farmcontrol provides an open architecture for easy integration with equipment from other manufacturers such as machines with control inputs or IoT devices operating with standard protocols. The software API can be used for publishing external data.
  • Open Solution Cloud API for easy integration
  • Custom Middleware Solutions
  • Standard Protocols

Custom Projects

Value from Experience

The Internet of Things came to reshape the efficiency of business management around the world. If you have a special need on your company where you need to integrate IoT devices into your current work processes we can put all our expertise to counsel you on the best solutions.

We can develop custom software and source hardware needs such as sensors that best fits your objectives.
All our solutions are cloud-based and easily deployed to your team. We can deploy our software solutions in private cloud infrastructure or on premises. We provide support and training for quick value creation!

Start using Farmcontrol

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