A Solution for

Dairy Production

A complete solution to be a more efficient and sustainable producer.

Real-Time Farm Monitoring

Ambient Monitoring

Ambient Conditions are critical for animal welfare evaluation and production efficiency

Milk Deposit Monitoring

Monitor Temperature, Stock, Milk flow, and Energy State

Critical Equipment

Monitor critical equipment status.

Feed Stock and Consumption

Feed is a critical control point as it is estimated to account for 70% of production costs

Water Stock and Consumption

Water is a major signal for animal welfare and sustainable production

Energy Consumption

Monitor Energy Consumption and calculate costs with custom tarifs

Security Surveillance

Monitor access times and create custom alarms

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Powerful Farm Automation

Climate Control
Water Pump Scheduling
Feeding Lines Scheduling
Climate Control
Automate windows, ventilation, heating or fogging systems for optimal conditions with custom age setpoints.
Water Pump Scheduling
Optimize energy costs for water pumps and be alerted for water shortages earlier.
Feeding Lines Scheduling
Feeding Line control and monitoring guarantees optimal flow of feed and minimal stress for animals.

IoT Cloud Platform

Because our platform is cloud-based, farmers can access it from anywhere, using their computer, smartphone, or tablet. This means they can monitor their farms and make informed decisions even when they're away from the farm.

Critical Alarms

Receive automatic notifications by e-mail, sms or voice calls for each predefined event, such as measurements outside optimal values

Permanent Access

Constant Surveillance and monitoring over multiple facilities using Internet enabled devices

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed activity reports for each device, collecting measurement data with multiple criteria. Configure personalized reports to support business decisions and improve efficiency

Custom Dashboards

Create and personalize a custom view of your Farm

Multiple Automation Rules

Create multiple custom automation rules for different scenarios and deploy them anywhere

Monitor Malfunctions

Get all historical equipment actuations and set custom alarms for malfunctions

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